"Guaranteed Struggle"

Directed, Edited, Animated by: Chris Stone

Shot By: Brad Feeser, Armando Rafael, Chris Stone, Corey Williams

Filmed on location in New York, and the NYU Capture Department

Seeing Eye Dog
"Lonely Sister"

Produced by: CHOLO FI
Direction, Editing, Animation: Chris Stone
Creative Consultant: Carlo Barreto
Charging his computer from Jersey: Kodak
Shot on location in NYC during the last bands of Hurricane Sandy with an old G10


Sonni Stardust

Original Music: David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - RCA Records 1972

Created by: Sonni Studios

Directed by: Alex Reinoso & Chris Stone

Art Direction: Alex Reinoso
Character Design + Animation Direction: Sonni
Editor: Chris Stone
Camera Assistant: Vincent Wheeler
Animation: Matias Fernandez

GM Fall Lookbook

Concept / Art Direction: Roland Bello
Director / Editor: Chris Stone
Music / Audio Effects: Chris Stone, freesfx.co.uk


Seeing Eye Dog
"Gimme Beer"

Produced by: Languid
Director: Chris Stone
Director of Photography: Charles Camacho
Editor: Chris Stone / Charles Camacho of Mogerosan Productions